The dentist may recommend a root canal even if you are not currently witnessing any tooth pain. Tooth infections are sometimes painless and progress slowly through the tooth. A root canal treatment may be recommended by the dentist to cure the infection and prevent the tooth from being removed.The goal is to extend the natural tooth’s lifespan as much as possible so that it may continue to operate.

At Braces and Kids, we make completely sure our patients are free of all dental issues. Root canal  is the treatment that protects our teeth from being infected more, and it is used to save a broken or seriously infected tooth instead of removing it. Dr.Rahul Doshi (BDS,MDS) with his thorough profession and a master hand in this field have treated patients with utmost care.

Instead of extracting a damaged or badly infected tooth, a root canal treatment is used to save it. Dr. Rahul Doshi is a specialist who performs this treatment at our Braces and kids Clinic located in Kandivali West.

When the inner part of the tooth or pulp is infected or injured, a root canal is required. It is critical to fix it as soon as possible so that infection doesn’t really spread to the other teeth. Everyone should seek dental treatment from a dentist as soon as their teeth become infected.

We will preserve your teeth by doing a root canal surgery instead of extracting them if a tooth becomes infected due to a significant cavity or damage. The operation is quite simple and may generally be performed in just one dental visit.If you are experiencing tooth pain, visit our Braces and Kids Clinic located in Kandivali West as soon as possible to have your mouth examined.