When it comes to Invisalign aligners, there’s a difference between cleaning and rinsing. Rinsing your aligners may make them appear cleaner, but you haven’t done anything to address the unseen bacteria that can build up.
The following is the basic cleaning procedure for nightly cleaning as listed on the Invisalign website:

  1. Rinse your aligners with water every night.
  2. Brush your aligners with a soft-bristled toothbrush (not the one you use to brush your teeth daily) and gentle, clear liquid soap to remove any debris or food particles that have accumulated during the day.
  3. Rinse thoroughly after brushing.
  4. Store in a protective case whenever they aren’t in use.

Cleaning accessories: Invisalign sells a “Steraligner” product with a tray. Ingredients include rubbing alcohol and sodium bicarbonate, a natural antiseptic.To clean your aligners, you place them in the tray and soak for 3 minutes. Rinse the sterilizing solution off, and brush with warm water.

Invisalign also sells a product called “cleaning crystals” that you dissolve in water and soak your aligners in. These crystals contain cleansing agents, including sodium sulfate. If you’re looking for a less expensive and more accessible alternative, these ingredients are similar to those found in retainer cleaning products (but not denture cleaners).

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