Brushing your children’s teeth before they go to bed each night teaches them good oral hygiene habits. While brushing twice a day is beneficial to the development of teeth, it is never enough to prevent foul breath. Bad breath isn’t necessarily caused by a dental problem; there may be other causes that require a different treatment.

Have any of your children recently complained of a sore throat or a congested nose? It’s possible that they would have a sinus infection. Fluid collects in the nasal passages and throat as a result of sinus problems, giving your child’s throat an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. What’s the end result? Bad breath that won’t go away with only tooth brushing and mouthwash.

Kids are quite energetic, and it can be difficult for them to remember to stay hydrated with all of their running around. A lack of water is a common cause of bad breath in children who participate in sports. Kids’ mouths produce less saliva to wash away odor-causing bacteria if they don’t drink enough water. It may not seem like a big concern, but a lack of saliva can cause tooth decay and cavities, so it’s worth taking extra precautions to ensure that children drink enough water.Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your children’s foul breath is caused by them neglecting the most crucial portion of their nightly routine. Other sorts of foul breath can make bedtime reading uncomfortable even if you brush your teeth regularly. Conduct some research to pinpoint the source of the problem and take proper action.

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